One more service related question

We have girls who are bridging to the next level in 2 weeks. But they are still preforming service. If they enter their service into TT, will it be counted toward their current level or their next level? I’m asking b/c we roll their service hours after 4/26 into their new year/level.

Can I get around this by progressing the girls in bridging levels to the next level? Would their service then be counted toward their new level? This is our first end of year with TT and we are unfamiliar with how all the end of year, starting a new year kind of stuff works.


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Yes, thank you! I can also do that in the from the Organizing Units page, right? Just promote a whole squad?

How does TT recognize service for a year? Is there a way to see that Suzie Summer has performed X many of hours for our calendar year? We need to be able to recognize how many hours a girl served at our Court of Awards for that particular year.

Thanks @Sam !!!