Promoting Girls and Service Stars Relationship

This year we promoted our girls in TT later than usual mostly b/c leaders were tied up and the first chance we had to do it was in August. As close as I can figure, we promoted our girls in mid-August. Our troop cut off is at the end of April. Does that mean that any service that was recorded between 4/23 and 8/14 would have been recorded to the girls’ previous level if they bridged up? For example I have a Pioneer girl who bridged to a Patriot in April but she has over 50 hours of service between those dates. This means those hours were recorded to her Pioneer level and NOT her Patriot level b/c she had not been promoted in TT until 8/14.

Is there a way to see when we did the actual promotions? Or a way to change the promotion dates?

Is there a way to move in bulk all those hours or do we need to delete them and reenter them after the promotion date.

When you enter a girl’s hours, you can change the level they are earned at.

I forgot about that! Thank you!

I’m lazy, I was hoping that there was a way edit more than one event at a time. I have almost 200 hours to adjust over about 10 girls. :smirk: If I could change the promotion date that would be amazing.