One Scout, Two Accounts?

I have a scout that ended up with two accounts–I think her adult, not understanding that she already had an account, created a second one? I’m not really sure, but the scout is invited to events under one name and RSVPs to events with another. My counts are always off because of this.

I know that I can merge accounts, but I can’t find the second one in my list of troops! I can only find the one I created when she joined the troop. I’m struggling to communicate the issue with the adult and wanted to see if there was anything that I could do on the back end to either merge the accounts or remove one entirely.


TT does not have a merge option. You could delete the second account if you could find it. Have you gone to Quick Nav Members? That gives a concise list of users broken up by Youth and Adults sorted by last name. I find sometimes this is the easiest way to see all users. I have a feeling perhaps the parent changed the name to their child, unless the parent was granted admin access to TT they would not have been able to add a second youth.

I’ll look into that! Thanks!

I still only see one scout on my members list (the one I added when they joined), but I have the same scout twice (with two different names) on my RSVP list. I think the adult did change the name of their child, but why two entries? And how do I find the second one?

Is the parents account correct with the parents name?

I believe that the parent does not have an account, only email access–they opted not to create one when the scout was added.

The only way that would work is if the parents e-mail was added to the Scout profile. Otherwise there is no e-mail only option, they must have a profile. They may never have logged in and generated a user account but they would still have a profile. I am wondering if the parent profile is what was setup with the Scouts name. If you look at the Quick Nav, Members under the Adults section do you see the parent (or scouts) name there? If so select that Profile, if it shows the parents name then check Nickname, if it shows the scouts name then you know where the problem is. If none of this is true then I would suggest sending an e-mail to and explain what you are seeing in as much detail as possible.

No dice. I’ll reach out to support, thanks for your help!