How to create new user accounts that are merged with another TT account?

I’m the TT admin for both a boy scout troop and now for a new venturing crew. We just started using TT for the crew, and there are many older boy scouts and adults who will be members of both the troop and the new crew. I know the steps needed for individuals to merge their accounts if they have multiple TT accounts. But, I want to, as admin, be able to add the boy scouts and adults who already have an account with the troop to also have an account in the crew’s TT such that the accounts are already merged. Is there a way that I can create the new crew TT accounts that are already merged? It will be easier for me to just provide the merged accounts than to have to individually walk a large number of scouts and adults through the process of merging themselves. Thank you.

Right now there isn’t a way to create two accounts already merged, but we are aware of this type of crossover and have a ticket on our list to decide on and build a solution for this.

Thank you.

I want to do the same but with the scouts that are crossing over from the Cub Scout Pack to the Boy Scout Troop.

I would recommend a transfer for this:

Thank you.

This page is out of date. You can merge accounts! Merging Two Accounts