RSVP As Going But Did Not Show As Paid

Something does not seem to be working correctly with payments/orders.

I have had a few users who had RSVP’d as “Going” to events. They show up as going on the list. However, when I go to view the payments by going to “Attendance” -> “View All Payments”, while I do see their name listed as signed up, the note for them shows up as “RSVPd But Not Paid”.

How is this possible? I have events set for “Payment Required To RSVP”. How is that user able to get under the “Going” section but when I view the payments it says they have not paid?

To further complicate things, (while I don’t know if this is true for all cases but it was true for the case that sparked this support ticket) I did receive a payment from the user into their account. I believe this was a straight deposit because there was no order for this transaction under the orders list. The payment was for the event in question and to pay back a negative balance. I saw their payment get processed through PayPal and I see the payment on their account.

The user did pay for the event but through a deposit, not through the event itself.
The user shows up as “Going” and is listed under the payments page, but noted as not paid even though I have payment required turned on.

Can someone help me make sense of this? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Also, as a sidebar bug, I was trying to experiment a bit to see if I could figure out what could be the problem. In the process, I discovered that the “Payment Required To RSVP” toggle switch on the event page doesn’t work. When that switch is off, there is no option shown on the event page to rsvp without paying. There used to be two buttons that showed up. An RSVP button and a Purchase Ticket/RSVP button. The RSVP button never shows up when you toggle that switch.