Order of Dens and color of names

Is there a way to change the order in which the dens appear on my manage dens page? I’d like to be able to view the wolves at the top with the 11 year olds at the bottom.

Also - Is there a way to change the color of the adults? All adult boxes are showing up pink.


Hi @melaniecarlson,

Currently, no you can neither rearrange the order of the dens nor can you change the colors of the adults.

I would recommend changing the category of this post to “Ideas” and rephrasing this as a suggestion so the rest of the community can read about it and add their support. If it gets enough support, our developers will consider it.

Thank you!

Thank you. How then does the system order the dens? Is it accordingly to the order in which they are created? If so, I imagine I could just create new dens until they’re in the order I’d like?

Hi @melaniecarlson,

They are ordered alphabetically. You may consider editing each of the names and putting a letter and a space in front of the den name to reorder them.

“A Wolves”
"B Webelos"

I don’t think this is 100% accurate.

If it’s alphabetical, how can “Den 9” appear in the list before “Den 1”?


You’re right.

It’s not quite exactly alphabetical. But If you add new ones, they should sort alphabetically.

In the example below, I added Zach, then A, then WWW and they sorted into that order.

Well, I’m with the original poster here –

It would be great if the sort of Dens was alphanumerical, and not purely Alphabetical, and then by order of creation.

My dens have names like this:
Den 1
Den 2
Den 3

And so on. Right now, my dens are in this order:
Den 3
Den 9
Den 7
Den 5

I have to visually scan up and down the list

Coloring would be a nice-to-have.

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I would like a way to reorder dens and to reorder the way members of the den are as well. Just a drag and click type reorder.

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