Roster by den

Is there a way to print a Pack roster sorted by Den? I’ve tried every report I can think of to no avail!

Hi @bfence,

Please try Communicate > Print Roster.

Thank you.

But I don’t want all the contact info and leaders, I just want a list of
which scouts are in which den. Can I do that?

You can see that information under Manage > Dens or you can go to Manage > Reports > Dens Report.

I need a print out by den. Manage > Reports > Dens Report puts it in
alphabetical order by first name, not by den.

You can change the filter by clicking the headers.

Communicate > Print Roster does have contact info, but I think that might be your best option. Just remove the option for adults and all members and it will be nice and neat.

If I sort the Den Report by Patrol and try to pdf it, it’s still not in
rank/patrol order.