Organization under Achievements section

Previously, I could look at a girl’s (AHG) achievements and it would list the Level Award, then the badges in the order they are listed in our handbook. Now when I look at a girl’s achievements, they are listed in alphabetical order by type, with the Level Award somewhere in the middle-ish. Is there a way to undo this? The old way was infinitely more helpful to update as I am flipping through a girl’s handbook and made much more sense to me; the newer way is a little more cumbersome and time-consuming. (I am the Advancement Coord for my troop and enter everyone’s achievements.)

Thank you!


I too am the Advancement Coordinator for our Troop and I find it much easier to find the Level Award when it is at the very top of the Achievements page. I think it is also useful for parents to see it at the top so they can view the status/progress of their child’s Level Award.



Agree, it was much more efficient at the top of the list.

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Sorry about this! We had gotten several requests from AHG troop leaders to be able to organize those awards alphabetically by type so that they had an easier time finding those awards. But it definitely makes sense to be able to have the level awards at the top. I have updated the category name “Level Award” to include some asterisks so that it will sort them to the top alphabetically and still keep the other awards sorted as well.

Thank you!!! Keep up the excellent work!

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