Starting AHG Joining Award individually

I am trying to enter an individual’s Joining Award progress from her personal page, but when I click on Start Achievement, Joining Award is not in the Level Awards list. I did not see it in the other sections of the badge lists. Can someone help me find it?

Thank you,

If you go to Manage individual achievements and click on that girls name, it will come up in the list. When you add what she has done and click on save, it will be added to her individual account under the “other” tab.

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I agree - check under the Other tab. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I was not able to add the achievement from her individual page, but I did find it when I went to the Achievements tab with the list of all the girls in the troop. It was under Level Awards there, and it did show up under her Other tab back on her personal page after that.

Thanks so much for your help!