Participation data entry for additional event types



Hey Guys,
We are updating TT with older Troop Master Hours. In TM, we captured Canoeing, backpacking, kayaking and bike riding as separate event types with the corresponding miles/days/hours. I notice that TT has canoeing, backpacking and other event types, but does not seem to offer a corresponding field for entering the associated boating miles, backpacking miles or other (biking/boating) miles. Is that screen customizable to allow for capture of those entries, and if NOT, how would we enter the data so it is saved in the scout’s record (even if it is just a field that allows data with an hours, miles, or misc. descriptor?

Hi @DavidKaehler,

Thanks for asking here.

You may try going to the scout’s profile, and clicking Edit under the Member Details tab. There is a notes section there. This probably isn’t the best way to do what you are trying to do.

I’d recommend rephrasing this as an “Idea” and seeing if we can get some traction from the rest of the Community. If it does get support, our developers will consider adding the functionality you would like.