How do I allow member to view roster but not personal info?

I want to allow our troop members the ability to view the troop roster and contact information without being able to view the personal info attached to each account.

However, it seems like users ability to view members is restricted by their access level. For example, when a user set to 'Household" selects “Contact List” from the “Communicate” tab, they see the adult membership and any scouts in their household, but there is no information for other scouts. Similarly, scout names and info do not show in the “Patrols” selection under “Manage”; the “Members” selection under “Quick Nav” only shows info for scouts/adults within the user’s access level.

Is there some way to allow users to easily find the contact information for others in the troop so that members can look up phone numbers for others in their patrols or see which scouts are in which patrol? The only way I’ve found is to go into “Communicate” and then “Print Roster”. Seems like there would be an easier or more intuitive way - especially when many other menu selections available to members suggest that they would be providing contact information. Am I missing some setting on our account controls? Any other ideas?


Hi @Eric_Anderson,

The best way to have a contact list the way you are talking about is to “print” it and take the pdf or member spreadsheet and upload it to Share > Troop Documents or place it on your public site.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

I agree with Eric. It would be very helpful for a scout to be able to see the troop roster from Quck Nav / members.

+1 for that idea. It would be nice for scouts to be able to use TroopTrack for their own inter- and intra-patrol reference.


I agree that would be great!

Post it in the idea forum and I’ll :heart: it.