Pi/Pa Units & More (01/27/2016)

It feels like it's been a long time since we had a release. Five days between releases is a bit too long for my taste. This morning we are pushing a change that is very important to AHG Troops, along with a few other features.

1) AHG troops can now designate a unit as a "Pi/Pa" unit. You can then put your Pioneers AND Patriots in this unit. There is no need to set a level for this unit - just go to Manage -> Units and click "New Unit" to create it. On the form there is a new field for designating the unit as a Pi/Pa unit. Just check that.

You are now also able to manage a girl's level directly from her profile. There is a new level field below the unit field.

We also added a feature to allow you to promote all the Pioneers to Patriots at once. You will find this link on the Pi/Pa unit under Manage -> Units.

2) Sometimes customers sign up with long troop numbers and this was making the header menu look bad. We've adjusted the header menu so that if you have a long troop number we deal with it more gracefully.

3) We added the ability for users to edit any comments they leave when they RSVP for an event.

4) We've added the ability for leaders to hide any comments made when members RSVP for an event.

5) We have also fixed a bug preventing the "Promote" feature from working in the "Unassigned" patrol/den/unit.

Have a great day!

~ Dave

I can’t find how to edit comments when people RSVP and as a Manager, can I edit their comments?