Giving a leader access to update records in a Pioneer and Patriot unit

I have selected that my pioneer and patriot units are combined in both
the pioneer and Patriot units. I placed the PiPa leader in the Patriot
unit. She needs to update records in the the pioneer unit but does not
have access. How can I get her access to both Pioneer and Patriot?

Hi @JulieSchaefer,

If there are any other AHG Users with advice about this, please do post.

Rather than having 2 units marked as PiPa, just have one and put them all in it, including the leader.

Thank you.

One unit is marked as Pioneer and the other as Patriot. It is important to keep the units separate. I just need to be able to give a leader access to two units.

Here is a post from the CEO in an update about Pi/Pa control:

Great information. I got the new unit setup and moved everyone in there.
Now the only thing I can’t see is in the girls individual profile where are
the unit and level fields?

We had just a Pioneer unit our first year and have added a Patriot unit (combined). I’ve followed the directions here. Now when I go back into the original Pioneer unit leader’s participation tab, all of the last year and a half is missing. Is there a way to bring all that over?
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Are you talking about a transfer from another troop? Creating a new unit and adding users to it should not remove or change any participation info.

I’m sorry. I just figured out I did it wrong. I chose “Add an Adult” which made a new adult. I deleted that adult and just moved the leader back clicking and dragging. I’m guessing now, that if it’s an existing unit, add a leader isn’t necessary.
Sorry to waste your time.