Planning for a Pack Meeting or Court of Honor

How to Get There


TroopTrack uses a simple workflow for pack meetings. Here are the steps:

  1. Print Advancement Report - generates a report on BSA forms for recording advancement with your district
  2. Print Blue Cards - Blue cards are for Merit Badge awards (used only for Boy Scout troops)
  3. Board of Review Worksheets - Summary of scout's progress on rank
  4. Shopping List - creates a list of all the stuff you need to buy for your pack meeting
  5. Print Award Cards - print award cards on 3x5 cards for
  6. Present Awards - after the meeting, mark which awards were handed out
  7. Print Agenda by Scout - print an agenda that sorts awards by scout for the Cubmaster to use during the meeting
  8. Print Agenda by Patrol - print an agenda that groups scouts and awards by Patrols for the Cubmaster to use during the meeting


How to Get There

The pack meeting workflow is available from the Achieve button, as shown in the screenshot below. 


Step 1: Print Advancement Report

To generate the BSA advancement report, click on "Print Advancement Report" and fill out the form as shown below.


After you click the button, you will be prompted to download a PDF file of the advancement report. This functionality varies from browser to browser, but the end result is a file you can print that looks like this:


Sign the form and turn it in to your district.

Step 2: Print Blue Cards

Click Print Blue Cards and fill out the following form.

Once the form is filled out, click print and follow prompts.

Step 3:  Board of Review Worksheets

Click Board of Review Worksheets in the print drop down menu.  The following form will appear.  

Fill out the form and click save the Worksheets.  The following worksheet will appear.  Use browser to print.

Step 4:  Shopping List

Select Shopping List from the Achieve button and use your browser to print the page or download as a csv file and open with Excel.


Step 5: Print Award Cards

You can print award cards on plain 3x5 cards with your printer. Click "Print Award Cards" to get started and follow the steps shown below.


Choose the awards you need cards for, then click print. Your browser will then prompt you to download a pdf that you can print.


Load your printer with blank 3x5 cards, print your cards, and sign them.

Please note: this is a fairly recent feature and I'm very interested in improving it - please use the form at the bottom of this page for suggestions.

Step 6: Present Awards

After an award meeting, you will need to mark awards as presented to clear the shopping list/agenda for the next meeting.  To do this, select the Present Awards option from the drop down menu of the Achieve button. The following screen will appear:

Mark appropriately and click save.

NOTE:  If you don't complete this step after an award ceremony, the awards will continue to show up on the shopping list.

Step 7:  Print Agenda By Scout

Click "Print Agenda by Scout". Your browser will prompt you download a PDF. Print the downloaded file and use it to record which awards get passed out at the pack meeting.

Step 8:  Print Agenda By Patrol

Printing the Agenda By Patrol will still print scouts' awards by scout but will also sort them by Patrol as shown below:



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THIS is really helpful information! Thanks for putting this together!

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Is it possible to add electronic signatures to the Award Cards? We have a large troop and this would be very helpful. Thanks!

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I also hope that we can print on BSA pocket certificates soon. Please lend your support:

Dave, when I try to print the award cards, they are being shrunk when being formed to a PDF. I cannot locate any printer options and would like to print these cards the regulation size. Please advise

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When I download the award cards file, all of the Woodlands achievements and the Freedom Award have empty boxes instead of a graphic. The graphics on the rest of the awards are fine.

The cards did not print properly on the TroopTrack perforated cardstock even when I chose to print “actual size”. The signature line for the leader and leader text were too low on the landscape page.
Scaling to 90% sort of worked.

Hi @LauraFord,

For your first issue that is because we don’t have images in the TroopTrack system for those awards. We’d love to get those added though. Do you have images for those awards, or a link to those?

With the second issue could you send me the PDF file that you tried to print off?


David Keener

No, I don’t have images for those awards. The cards used to print with just a Trail Life image, which would be better than the box.
I have attached the file that printed with the wrong margins or sizing.

(Attachment AwardCards_20200705.pdf is missing)

Well, I tried to send the file. I got this error message. How should I send the file?

Unfortunately some attachments in your email message to [“”] (titled Re: [TroopTrack User Community] [User Guide/Achieve] Planning for a Pack Meeting or Court of Honor) were rejected.

AwardCards_20200705.pdf: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif).

Hi @LauraFord,

Sorry I thought PDF’s could be sent here in the community forums.

You can email it to me at:

Hi @LauraFord,

I got your email, and have reported this bug to our tech team. They’re going to check it out about why it’s not printing correctly.

I apologize for this issue, but we’ll get it fixed.

David Keener

Hi @LauraFord,

Our tech team has fixed the issue with the lines printing too far down.


David Keener