Please preserve the <style> html attribute

So much more usable pages would be possible if you preserved the HTML style attribute when editing web pages!

Please, please please…

Hi @Eoin,

I’m not sure exactly what would need to be done to allow this and preserve our security, but I’m willing to pass this on to our developers for consideration if you change this to the “Ideas” category and we get a few more +1’s from the community.


I’m not sure how the style attribute would affect the security of TroopTrack… could you elaborate?

Additionally, I’d like to see HTML comments preserved ::


Heh … in my last post I tried to insert the example of an HTML comment, but alas, it was treated as HTML and hidden :frowning:

How about this :: < !-- html comment – > (note: extra spaces should not be there)

Hi @Eoin,

I’m not entirely sure about the details. I do some development, but our CTO handles most of the security.

We will certainly consider this request if it gets some more support from the community and is switched to the Ideas category.

Thank you for the suggestion. I know we have plans to really improve our public and private pages, but I’m not sure when we will be finished.