Set Times for Sending Reminder Emails

Would be very nice to be able to set when reminder emails are sent. Right now, for me anyway, they all come at 3:00AM EST. So you’re in the middle of a great dream and then your phone dings with a new email. Would much prefer to set my own time options or at a minimum, pick from a list of canned options.

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I’m afraid this is something we do not control. When the server sends it out/when your messages get queued/when they are received is out of our hands.

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t think I understand your response. Maybe your system utilizes a 3rd party mailer service and this is truly out of your hands. If not, you should be able to establish an hourly cron job on the server and fire off the emails based on a preference for the whole unit. Just a thought and idea that I deal with regularly in my line of work.