Is there a way to schedule emails that are NOT related to events?

I often want to schedule a general email to go out at a later time but I don’t see how to do that when it’s not related to an event. Is this possible?

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Hi @Coordinator,

Unfortunately at this time there is not a way to “Schedule” emails, but you may send an email at any time through TroopTrack.

If you have an announcement or something that you only want to start showing up at a certain time or during a certain period, you may set that up from your dashboard or in Communicate > Newsletter Settings under Create an Announcement.

Would be a good feature to have in the future!

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I would also like to see the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later date.

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I would find this helpful, too. Or, at least be able to save a draft of an email that I can send later.
Ex: I send out minutes/agendas for our Troop Committee meetings, which are on a Thursday. Ideally, I would like the email to go out on Tuesday (or maybe late Monday). I have time over the weekend to compose the email, but would prefer to not send it out until later.
If I could compose it and save it, I could go in on Tuesday, and take about 5 seconds to send the email.

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I put a vote in for a “Save Draft” feature on email.


I too would like to see a way to “schedule” emails.


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