POST to user_achievements for scouts with admin account

I am reading it correctly that there is no way to specify a user for the user_achievements writing end point, i.e. the achievements can only be posted to the user profiled of the logged-in user?

The account is administrative and has access to these scout achievement profiles via the web.

If you look at the corresponding GET operation without the ID, you will see achievement_id and user_achievement_id in the results. The achievement_id identifies what achievement this is. The user_achievement_id is the particular instance of that achievement associated with that particular person.
I believe the ID in the POST operation is the user_achievement_id, so it identifies a particular achievement record for a particular person.

That’s helpful, based on that I have the GET on /v1/user_achievements/{id} working. I haven’t figured out the syntax for the JSON object to post to the endpoint.

In any event, it would seem user_achievement_id only exists for an achievement started for a user. So, in my use case, where I want to add a badge that hasn’t been previously added or worked on, I can’t do that with the existing API, as the needed id doesn’t yet exist.

@dave Is it correct that there is no API equivalent to the functionality in the “Start Achievement” /achieve/users/####/user_achievements/new web interface? Any prospect of such being added, perhaps under the /users API endpoint?