Power Search and various bug fixes (09/09/2015)

This morning we released a new feature and a number of bug fixes. 

1) Power search is now live. Now you can search for users, events,  money accounts, user guide pages, and even commands by typing in the power search field in the header. Here's a demo video of power search in action:


2) Sign up sheets were re-designed to make them easier to use and to let everyone see who has signed up for what. They are also now editable by anyone with the proper privileges, regardless of who created them.

3) Better sorting on the record attendance page. Records are now sorted by RSVP status then last name. They were previously only sorted by RSVP status.

4) Multi-troop users who use TroopTrack subdomains were having problems switching troops. This problem is fixed.

5) Minor improvement to the way our navigation bars are displayed. They recently doubled in height for some users and we forced them back.

6) We only show active users now on the invite users view.

7) Sending event emails from a mobile device using the site (not the app) was broken. This is now fixed.

8) We provided a few minor API fixes needed by the mobile app

9) We've been making a lot of improvements to our customer support processes. As a result our response time has improved tremendously in the last week - for simple questions during business hours we are now often able to respond in minutes.