BSA Applications for Transfers

It would be awesome if the membership number could be populated into the “Enter membership number from unexpired certificate:” section in the bottom right, to make using the form for transfers easier. Perhaps an option?

Hi @AaronStorey,

Do you mean when you request members from different troops to be transferred within the TroopTrack system, or are you talking about something entirely different?

Sorry, just clarification on this is helpful so I can assist you in the most correct way possible.

David Keener

Nope something totally different. The BSA membership application that is available as a pre-filled PDF download from Manage, Members, BSA Youth/Adult Membership Application, or from a person’s dashboard. It is great that the downloaded PDF contains information pre-filled from the TT data. With BSA in order to transfer a youth say from a Pack to a Troop there is a second at the bottom of the Application where you enter the BSA ID number of the Youth/Adult being transferred from one unit to the other. It would be great if there was an option to have that pre-filled as well with the BSA ID that is saved in TT.

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Ohh okay. That makes a lot of sense. I will also get this over to the tech team to see what they say. Since this is something TroopTrack already has in the system, and TroopTrack is already autofilling the form, then I imagine it is something that can just be added on.

David Keener