Printing Sign in Sheets

When I print a sign in sheet, it prints all the way to the bottom, leaving off the last name of the first page. I have gone through all the printer settings I can find t modify, but nothing resolves the problem. What am I missing?


This is happening to me too looks like almost 3 years after you posted this. Why wasn’t this resolved? This make a girl feel terrible when they don’t see their name on the sign-in sheet. This should be a simple fix. When can we expect this to be resolved?

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack , I wonder if this is related to the printing problem I submitted a few weeks ago?

Hi y’all,

I’m not sure if this is related to that problem @mwestcott.

That being said, @BrookeAmash I’m not able to re-create this issue. When you click “attendance” and “attendance sheet” what filters are you using? By filters I mean the fields being displayed like in the image shown below:


David Keener


What you have above is an attendance sheet for who attended an event. I’m referring to the sign-in sheet. I actually go into the event, then up to “attendance” and click on “Simple sign in sheet.” When it shows on the computer, all names are listed, but when you print, it cuts off the last name on the first page. This only happens obviously if you have 2+ pages of names. I can’t figure out why it shows all names on the list on the computer, then cuts it off when you hit print.


Hi @BrookeAmash,

I was able to re-create that error. Sorry for the confusion as I get the attendance sheet and the simple sign in sheet mixed up from time to time.

From what I see it’s just cutting off the last name on each page correct?

I’ll get this over to the tech team so they can re-format that.


David Keener