Private Calendar Event

Is there a way to create a private calendar event that only shows up on the calendar for those that are invited. I’m looking to schedule some meetings with some of the adult leadership and don’t want to clutter up the calendar of other adults or scouts?

No, there are not Private Events. It is possible to kind of get what you are looking for if you set the TroopTrack Default Calendar View Settings, under Webmaster Tools to Events a family member has been invited to. They can still manually change to all events and if they subscribe to the calendar in an app they will see everything with no way of filtering. So not exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps change this to an Idea for the TT development team to consider.

Hi @JayKramer,

Aaron is correct. There’s no private events in TroopTrack, but by having different calendar views this can help to keep things organized and clear the clutter on people’s calendars. By having the default set as “family view” this will allow parents to see events only pertaining to them. If they feel they’re missing an event, then they can click on “all events” to see every event on the calendar.


David Keener

Thanks. I do think a feature like this would be nice. For instance we are in the process of transition several of our leadership positions. We want to organize and coordinate some meetings to help this transition … these are not necessarily meetings we want open to all parents … so might be helpful as a new feature and in the meantime, good to know that whatever information we share can be seen by all.