Privileges for Newsletters

Is there any way to control newsletter privileges? On our newsletter, anyone with the privileges of “Self” can change the newsletter setup, can turn the newsletter off, and add different options to be shown on the newsletter which then goes out to everyone. I would like only our Admins to be able to edit and turn off newsletters, not everyone in our troop. Thank you!!

Hi @ChristenBarnes,

Which users are doing this? The “Self” access level won’t matter in this case, if a user has the “Manage Troop Settings” privilege or they are the account owner, they will be able to change those settings. I tested this and I didn’t see any ability for users without that privilege to access the newsletter settings, but if you have one that can do this, please let me know so I can take a look.

Hey, Matt! Thanks for getting back to me. So… for example we have users
with “self” privileges (Avery Barnes and Elizabeth Ehme) who are able to
view the newsletter, then on the right hand side of the newsletter is a
column with sending out the newsletter weekly, or monthly or send now, and
then lots of options of things to add or take off of the newsletter - show
events, show money accounts, etc. We have tested this and it effects our
newsletters - somehow they can change what is included in the newsletter
and when to send it.
I was hoping that those with “self” privileges would only be able to view
the newsletter and to not even have that right hand column with all the
options. Does that make sense? Please let me know if I need to explain

Thank you!!
Christen Barnes

And by right hand side - I mean left hand side. Sorry. Those with self privileges are able to send the newsletter out and change what is included.

Hi @ChristenBarnes,

I logged into each of those users and they do not have access to the newsletter settings. Did you remove the privilege? Are they using a different type of device than a regular laptop or desktop?

With the privilege “Manage Troop Settings” they will be able to do so regardless of access level.

Ok, here is a screen shot for Avery Barnes. Her privilege is set to Self
with zero boxes checked for access to manage anything. But yet when she
logs in she can change the newsletter and send it out. This is on a regular
desk top. I’m just not sure why the left column is coming up and why she
can change things.

Aha! Sneaky! I found the bug. I was wondering how in the world that user was getting to the page and I found at least one way.

I put in a ticket to have this fixed.

Thank you.