Profile Picture Game and sign in

For new leaders, a flashcard game that shows the user a youth photo and reveals the name after a few seconds.

Also, sign in to scout events/nights by clicking on youth pictures.


Hi @Heljen,

Can you please explain that second part to me a bit more?

Thank you.

I think Heljen is referring to something similar to my suggestion of electronic sign in and out.

From a calendar event, load a table of the invited/rsvp profile pictures, when a profile picture is clicked/pressed then a pop up window appears for confirmation of attendance by agreement/signature. On confirmation the member is marked as attended in the event. Maybe a border around the profile picture in the table turns from red to green when confirmed as attended for quick reference?

My group would love this and would help convert a few other groups to TroopTrack users.


Yes, that is what I meant. We meet in a troop of 60 to 90 scouts each week and it’s my job to check that everyone has signed in. We have several Tommys, Aidans and Johns and I often don’t remember the last names. Ideally I could see their profile picture (organized in Australian patrols) and while they do parade, I would check them off by clicking on the photo. I’d prefer not to have a popup to confirm given the number of kids, rather the photo should disappear from the screen once clicked.

I like it. Already on the list per @Keneu’s request.


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