TroopTrack Attendance

This is both a question and idea;

When using the iPhone App to record attendance, everyone is checked attending by default. Is this done like this for a reason? I feel it would be more beneficial to have this the opposite way, as we have to uncheck, then check the attendees again.

An electronic sign in and out for attendees using TroopTrack. This could be a list of the members names/profile pictures pulled from the calendar event invited/rsvp list. When a member is clicked it could open another page/popup for confirmation/signature, and close when accepted/completed. Then mark the member as present, this could be use of words/ display colours for leaders to know who has or hasn’t signed in or out.
Additionally, going forward, this could also be used for reminders/marketing/ RSVP tool for parents. Displaying above the acceptance/signature “You haven’t responded for “Event Name”, would you like to do this now?” as a means to chase responses.


To answer your question, I think it’s just that way because someone requested it to be that way. Maybe they were optimistic that most of the time, you will have everyone invited to an event, come to that event.

I like the idea of an electronic sign in/sign out.

Ticket for the enhancement request: #2414

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eSign In/Out is a great idea.

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…or a Check all / Uncheck all button…