Promoting Girls to the next grade and level

This is our first year promoting and moving girls up. Seems silly to ask, but I’m terrified of moving all my girls up only discover I did it wrong. I need to move our girls to the next grade. I will also have 4 squads that will move up to the next level. When I promote the girls to the new grade, say a Pathfinder to 1st grade, will it automatically realize that they are now Tenderhearts instead of Pathfinders? Or will I need to integrate with Connect for all that information to change? And will integrating mess up any of the changes I made before I integrated?

Should I start with the older girls instead of the younger girls? So move up our Pioneers to Patriots and work backward so that I can do entire squads at one time?

Like I said, TOTALLY new at this one and do not want to create a bigger mess for myself to have to fix later.


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I also would like to know what the method is for bridging Girl Scout to the next level.

Hi @SRUEDU and @GSTroop4844,

Sorry, this post seems to have slipped by me.

Go to Manage > Units. If you look at the level you want to promote them to and press “Edit” you should be able to see the level of that unit. Whatever that level is set to, when you promote your girls to that unit, they will become that level. If something goes wrong, you can “promote” them back to their old unit and try again. Let me know if you have any issues!

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