Receiving spam via TroopTrack from a Deactivated User

I am hoping you can help me find a way to block an email address from using TroopTrack to send emails.

I just received spam from a old member who was deactivated a year ago as they left the troop. They often have issues with their Yahoo id getting hacked. Under Communications->Recent Messages only shows msgs sent via TroopTrack Web site not via personal mail use of mailing lists. How do I even tell what the list that was used? Then how do I block it.

Do the email headers even show the message was sent via TroopTrack? It’s possible their account was hacked, their address book read, and the spam was sent directly from their Yahoo address to you.

The msg had all tge trooptrack formatting. I can forward it to tech support.
Regards Ron Barber Troop 577

Please forward this to me. I need to investigate. Deactivating them should prevent them from sending to or receiving from TroopTrack.

Sure Matt. I have Dave’s address but not yours, can you send it to ron_123 Yahoo