Record Bulk Progress from Event page

What we have right now (if anything)
On the Event page, I love the “Email Invitees” option. I don’t have to go to “Send an Email” under Communicate and then individually pick all the people attending the event; TT does that for me!
And under the Achieve tab, I do like the Record Progress (Bulk) so I don’t have to go to each person and add it individually.

My Idea:
Add a “Record Bulk Progress” link to the Event page, where TT then takes you to the Bulk Progress page and has automatically selected all the people who attended!
And if you want to get really fancy, just like for emailing you can choose certain categories of people, have an intermediate page where you have checkbox options so you can pick people based on their unit or their level (maybe even their mailing list?).

Why we should change/add this feature
Because we often award patches to event attendees, e.g. Fall Camp Patch
Because we often award badges (or portions thereof) to certain event attendees, e.g. Photography (E)
Because it’s so inefficient to go in and mark attendance for certain people, then go in and mark Bulk Progress for those same people, e.g. Explorer Unit finished req#8 at troop meeting.

Who this would help
Anyone who wants to award patches, badges, etc to people based on an event they attended
Also: People who love cats
. . . . .Basically everyone really :wink:


I really like this idea! I have added this to our to-do list as issue #1465.

This is brilliant!!! I was talking about this with our Troop coordinator the other day!!

Is it also possible to filter it down when adding bulk entries, by units? Can Troop Track recognize that these requirements are for Tenderhearts and only apply it to the Tenderhearts scouts while applying the Explorer requirements to the Explorers? Basically, recognize where the scout belongs and only apply the appropriate requirements for her level. We had someone try and enter the requirements for our all our girls after an Archery event. Girls from every level went and were able to work at earning their Archery Badge. When they checked off all the requirements that were covered that day, it assigned a badge of every level to every girl. :confused: It took me a while to figure out what happened and then undo it.

Just a thought, if it’s not something that is possible or is a crazy request, going in and being able to update them in bulk groups from the calendar would be awesome!

@SRUEDU, I think your idea for filtering would probably be best spun out as a separate topic so we don’t create confusion. I think we would need to create an AHG badge specific feature for it, but it seems like it would be a good idea.

This would also be sooooooo useful for troop-wide service. The event details allows you to show how many hours that service event is worth on the calendar and then once you check off who attended it should simply update their service hours to reflect that event and hour. As it stands, the event shows up as part of their achievement record, but it does not show how many hours! So, we are having to go in and do that one little thing manually for the whole troop… this would be a BIG improvement.

Thanks for an amazing website!
Gambrill Wagner

@GambrillWagner, when you record attendance there is an option for recording hours in bulk. If you use that option, it will add service hours to everyone who attended. If that’s not working for you, would you please open a new topic under bugs and include step-by-step instructions for experiencing this problem?



This went live recently! You can read about it here:

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