Incorrect submissions in bulk "record awards progress for attendees"

I love this new button. It makes it so much easier to input bulk work done at meetings. Thanks!

I usually pull up the attendance for the meeting/event. Filter the group out that I am inputting for. Then enter the work. For some reason the last few entries I made applied the badgework to all in attendance, rather than the specific unit. This could have been my error, maybe I forgot to filter. Regardless, now I have all the girls in attendance, regardless of rank, in the shopping cart for receiving that badge (again, it’s not even age-appropriate…I have pi/pa’s recorded as having earned a tenderheart badge…I didn’t even know trooptrack would let that happen!)

I would love to be able to pull up that bulk work entry based on that meeting and be able to edit the girls that were “checked”. Can I do that? Otherwise, it appears my only option is to open up each girl’s achievements and delete this from their overview. I can’t imagine this is the most efficient way to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @TinaWalenciak,

I’m going to see if we can develop a feature to help handle this kind of thing. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a bulk achievement remover so they will have to be edited individually to remove those extra achievements.