Redesign Manage->Reports menu

I was struggling last night on my laptop to use the Manage->Reports menu. I found it impossible to access the reports that weren’t on the menu section that fitted on my screen.

The problem is that the menu is too long and goes off the bottom of the screen. On my desktop that’s ok - I have a mouse with a scroll wheel and so I can scroll the window down.

On my laptop that’s harder to achieve - I can’t use the scroll bars on the browser window because the menu disappears as soon as the pointer moves off it. I can’t use the keyboard to scroll down because the arrow keys stop working on the “members” menu. If I move the highlight down to the start of the reports section the keyboard does nothing. Ditto on a phone.

The other issue with the length of the menu is that for a long time I didn’t realise it continued off the bottom of the screen so didn’t realise some reports existed.

And another issue is that they need to be better categorised. The “requirements detail” report is a prime example of this. It’s mixed in with a heap of other random reports. The name gives little away. I’m not sure how you’d recategorise things but moving that one into a reports menu under “achievements” would be a start. Or having a Reports menu and then achievements subcategory.

At the moment it looks like you started with a few reports then kept adding them over time. I get that - I’ve done it with software projects I’ve done. But there are now so many reports that it needs a rethink.

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I agree 100% The reports features need improving badly.