Creating Custom Reports

What You Can Do

Custom reports are reports you create based on your needs. You can create a report from various data elements, save it so you can use it over and over again, view the results of the report, and download it as a csv or pdf file.

How to Get There

You can get to custom reports by clicking "Manage", "Reports", then "All Reports".

Then from the “All Reports” page simply click “New Custom Report”.


Create a New Report

To create a new report, first choose what type of report to create as shown in the previous screen shot. At that point a form like the following will appear:


Give the report a nice title so that you will remember what it is months later and so that other members of your scouting unit will understand what it is as well. Then check off each field you'd like in the report. If you want it to be sorted in a specific way, use the sort by drop down to set the sort. Click "Create Report" to save the report and to see its results. Here's a sample user report I created for determining who is eligible to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

After you create a report you can access it anytime from the report powerbar.

How to Request a New Type of Custom Report

Don't see the type of report you'd like to create or think an existing report type is missing important fields? Just open a support ticket, describe what you'd like to be able to do, and I'll do my best to make the data available for you to report on.





We created a custom report for Adult Leadership Positions, but when we try to run the report, it is blank. I know that some of our adults have leadership positions in TT, so what am I missing? TIA!

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It would be great if the reports section were updated to allow for custom reports to be limited to different groups. Sometimes I only need to export Patrol or Scout vs Adult. As an example if I just want scouts I export everyone make sure I include the “Scout” field download a CSV then open in Excel sort by Scout and delete all the False.