"Registered Member" from No to Yes

On each girl’s profile page, how do I edit the Registration Info section to change the Registered Member answer from “yes” to “no”?

If you have edit permissions then from their Profile page you select Edit under the Registration Info box and uncheck the box for Registered member. If you don’t have edit permissions then you will need to ask someone within your group who has full access to grant you edit permissions.

Thank you! I have full editing priveleges, but there is no box to uncheck…

Perhaps this is a difference between unit types. I am with BSA units. Send an email to support@trooptrack.com.

Thank you for your help!

As an AHG troop, add a time period for Registered Youth / Adult Member on the individual’s Leadership tab. For new members, I use the registration date from AHGFamily and the end of the program year (2023-09-30).