Royal Rangers - Award Name Changes

Within Royal Rangers, there have been some changes with names to their merit categories and what groups can work on what categories. All color of merits can be worked on by all groups Discovery Ranger and higher. There is no longer “Discovery Ranger Merits”, “Adventure Ranger Merits” and “Expedition Ranger Merits”. Would it be possible to update all the award categories to the following which reflect the naming system setup by the Royal Ranger National Office?

Adventure Ranger Merit to Green Skills Merit
Expedition Ranger Merit to Silver Skills Merit
Discovery Ranger Merit to Blue Skills Merit

Leadership Merit (101-106) to Red Leadership Merit
Leadership Merit (201-206) to Gold Leadership Merit
Leadership Merit (301-306) to Sky Blue Leadership Merit
You can keep them all in one group (like the Bible) or break them into a new grouping by number range

Could you add a leading zero in front of the single digit Bible Merits (ie Orange Bible Merit 1 would now be Orange Bible 01) for easier sorting.

Thanks so much!
Jake Killin

Can you please post a link to a site or PDF detailing this change, please? They usually have a format that makes it easier for us to make these types of changes.

Thank you.

Thanks so much Matt…

Here are a couple of links that might help out.

This link is to the Ordering Page. Under Awards & Recognition, you will see the breakdown of how Merits are now organized/grouped (ie Blue, Green, Silver, etc)

Also within the Official Merit Index, you can see that the Blue, Green and Silver Merits are in their own class (no longer just Discovery, Adventure, Expedition)

For renumbering Bible Merits, if you click on the actual patch image within this page, you can see that they all have a leading zero for single digit ones.

Thanks so much again!