A Few Ideas That Would Be Helpful

We are new to using Troop Track and have found a few things we think would be helpful.

It was confusing the first time a reminder went out automatically for an event because it went out to all who were invited instead of just those who replied as going. We close registration on our events and there is no way to sign up for them after that date. It would be nice to have two different kinds of reminders. One to say that the close date for registration is approaching for all invited and another that only went to those who replied as going that the date is approaching and they signed up. Right now we send out a separate email as a reminder and don’t use the reminder on the plan an event page.

Maybe Going:
This would be nice to customize as an option. Maybe going for us does not work because we have to prepay for a lot of our events and we need a yes or a no answer. To be able to have the option to take this out would be great.

Planning an Event
It would be nice to be able to set up details of an event but not have them posted or view-able by everyone until a certain date. Maybe a way to save for later?

Also instead of a limited option for “Send Invites When”, a calendar to pick specific dates would be a nice option.

Thank you,


I agree very much about the usefulness of a reminder that the RSVP date is approaching. To me, that is even more useful and important than a reminder about the event itself, because I think people add things to their personal calendars once they’ve signed up, but they aren’t putting RSVP dates in their calendars, if that makes sense. This would be a big help to my troops and many others, I believe. Thank you!


This is similar to a previous post I had: RSVP Deadline Reminder
It would be EXTREMELY helpful and something we miss from our previous troop site!