RSVP Not Going on Events with Fees

When an event is set to “Payment Required to RSVP”, the RSVP page directs me to use the payment page to add RSVPs for scouts when I am the event organizer. The Payment page only has an option for Add Attendee, I don’t see a way to RSVP a scout as Not Going.


I have run into this before as well. Because of the required payment only an individual can RSVP as a no. Unless they do it themselves the only way I have found to accomplish this as an admin is to temporarily remove the payment requirement, go into the RSVP page and mark them, No, then change back to require payment. It would be nice if there was a way for Admins to RSVP No for people however honestly I treat everyone as a No until they RSVP Yes so it is really just a personal preference to actually RSVP No.