RSVP and pay for family, when Pack is covering cost of scout and one parent

Our Pack routinely takes RSVP’s for events where the Scout and one Akela are paid for by the Pack, but any other siblings or guests or parents need to pay the event fee. Currently there is no way to set this up. We have to set it so payment is not required to RSVP and hope that people calculate who needs to pay correctly.

Is there a way to indicate some folks have no fee when RSVP’ing, but others do?


Hi @KellyBlythe,

The way we would handle this issue is to develop the way for a leader to RSVP for a scout and exempt them from the payment.

It will cost $900 to develop this feature.


It would be a good feature…

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We have non-scout family members who attend events and some events that non-members attend, need to RSVP and potentially pay for (webelos attending a Troop event, etc). This is critical for us to be able to track all RSVP’s and collect all relevant payments within the system.

This can be done now. Non-scout family members are simply listed as guests when the scouts RSVP.