Scoutbook address import doesnt update - unless everyone in a family has updated

I have three members in my family with Scoutbook entries; me, son, wife

if I

  1. update my address in Scoutbook, such that it doesnt match my son+wife
  2. export adult/scout/advancement from Scoutbook
  3. import each of the three files

I’m expecting my address in TroopTrack to reflect what was given in the .csv from Scoutbook

However, this doesnt happen - my address remains “the same” (I suspect the address is the ‘families’?) – however if I update my+son+wife address in the .csv’s, then import, the address is correctly updated

Yes, TroopTrack does use a Household to store address information then each user is attached to that household. It makes sense if you change all three it would update the Household. Updating a single individual most likely fails validation because the other members are not being updated. I can send it over to TT admin but I wonder if a different workflow might help in this situation. Rather than entering Advancements into ScoutBook and syncing them back into TT what is you enter them into TT and then sync them into which then updates ScoutBook? That way TT is the master holder of the information and ScoutBook is secondary.