Scouts Australia: Gold Boomerang (extended) missing badgework

Gold Boomerang (extended) missing badgework
B & C are missing from Fitness.

  1. Fitness
    :black_medium_small_square: (A) Ball Skills: *Kick a goal with either a place or drop kick or *shoot a goal with a basketball or netball. *Throw a ball over a distance of 20 metres to someone and catch it on return six times over a distance of 15 metres.

:black_medium_small_square: (B) Athletic Skills: *Perform a hop, step and jump as far as you can.

:black_medium_small_square: © Strength and Stamina: *Skip continuously for two minutes.

This is in Gold Boomerang just not the Gold Boomerang (extended) version

Any chance this could be fixed, please?

This is still not fixed.

PLEEEEEEAAAASE can we fix this?

Sorry this took so long to get fixed. We have been in a bit of a transition period, since Matt has recently moved on and I have just started here at TT this week. But it should be all good to go now. Just as a heads-up, if you have users who already have the award, you might have to go in and delete it and enter it in again now that the requirements are updated. Again, I’m very sorry for the delay on this!