Scouts Australia Sections and Patrol/Six

It is my understanding the way TroopTrack is set up for Scouts Australia is for a “Troop Patrol” to be a “Section” of a Group. This works just fine. But we have no way to determine who is in each patrol (Scouts) or Six (Cub Scouts).

Additionally, this information would be amazing in some reports, on individual profiles and on the Sections page, as well as the leadership positions.


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Forgive me, I’m not fully understanding what you mean.

In Manage > Sections, you should be able to create as many sections as you’d like and name them whatever you’d like and then drag and drop scouts to whichever you choose.

Maybe I’m missing something. Once I better understand, I can also help you find a report or two that might be useful.


The sections of Scouts Australia are;
Joey Scouts (6-7yo)
Cub Scouts (8-10yo)
Scouts (11-14yo)
Venturer Scouts (15-17yo)
Rover Scouts (18-25yo)
Adult Volunteers (18+yo)

A section is then divided into patrol groups, each patrol with a youth leader (Patrol Leader) and often an assistant (Assistant Patrol Leader). In Cub Scouts the patrol is called a Six, the leader is the Sixer and the assistant is a Seconder. There are currently options to assign the leadership roles, which is great. But we have no way to divide our sections into patrols/sixes, or assign a leader to a certain patrol/six.

Are you suggesting that we set up a “TroopTrack Section” for each patrol/six? One for each six in our Cub Scouts? One for each Scout Patrol? and so on for the entire group? eg. “Cubs Scouts - Red Six”, “Cub Scouts - Grey Six” and so on. We’d end up with 24 “TroopTrack Sections”. There’s a couple of issues with this; every section adult leader then requires group wide (or “Unit”) access to see their multiple patrols/sixes as we can’t assign them to just their own. They then have to constantly filter out every section they don’t need to see or scroll through data they don’t need. It just becomes convoluted.

I currently have TroopTrack set up with 5 “TroopTrack Sections” - Joey Mob, Cub Scout Pack 1, Cub Scout Pack 2, Scout Troop and Venturer Unit. This works. It’s easy to manage for me and other section leaders. We have access to what we need with Patrol/Den privileges and don’t see everything else. Except we can’t divide our packs/troops into sixes/patrols this way.

I feel a quick fix to this would be the ability to add our own Leadership titles or add another drop down box in the leadership area to choose a six/patrol and have ability to set these six/patrol names in Settings (like Event Types). This would then show under each of the members names under Sections where ‘Scout’ is currently present it would say “Red Six” or “Scorpion Patrol”, or whatever titles were chosen.

I hope that makes sense.

I’m afraid for now, the quickest fix would be to create the sections and sub suctions. “Cub Scouts - Red Six”, etc.

We’ve talked about creating subsections, but it’s a HUGE infrastructure change and we’ve had to put that on the back-burner for now (because it would take so many resources from other places).

We’ve talked about your leadership idea. That’s probably the direction we’ll head before any other plans for the sub-sections milestone.

Any progress on this? It would be fantastic to be able to do this (at the moment it is quite cumbersome to deal with).

Any further progress here? We would still love this option available.

+1 for having sub-sections for sixes, patrols, etc…