Individual Progress Report for Boy Scouts (02/20/2015)

Happy Feature Friday! Today we are releasing one-page individual progress reports for Boy Scout Troops. These one-page reports list all the requirements from Scout -> Eagle in one easy to read format. You can print them for one scout, for everyone in a patrol, or for your whole troop. You can get there in two ways:

1) Achieve -> Individual Progress Reports. Use this method if you want to print reports for multiple boys at the same time.

2) From the scout's profile, go to the Achievements tab and click "Print My Progress Report".

I've included a screenshot of the report.

This is the 1.0 of the progress report. The next time I work on this I will add merit badge and leadership history to the back. I am also planning to include it in the newsletter as an attachment.

Are you in an AHG Troop, Cub Scout Pack, etc and thinking "But what about me!?!?" Don't fret. We'll make a report like this for each unit type we support before too long.

Is there any update on when this will be available for cubscouts?