Sending email to "No Response" AND No People showing under No Response!

This is the second time this has happened to me in the last week or two – an “Email Invitees” email set to “No Reponse” rsvps doesn’t go through, says no one has that status, even if every invitee has that status!

Here’s what I did: Rather than sending an invite right away when creating an event, I created the event and then I went to send an email to Invitees (so that I could edit the subject and body text to show what I wanted).

But when I selected “No Response” under Recipients, Send message to all recipients who have RSVP’d with the following: and then clicked Send Message button, I got an error at the top of the page saying “Your message could not be sent. No one has RSVP’d with a status that matches your selection.”

But if looking at the Event Details, one can clearly see a whole lot of names in the “No Response” category of the page.

Note about different BUG that I couldn’t recreate: The first time this happened, there actually were NO names listed under No Response on an event for some reason (maybe because I had invited girls based on their unit, then deleted those units and made new same-named ones?); anyway, names didn’t show up on the event details page until they RSVPed Yes/No/Maybe!

And then when I tested it out on that event later, i.e. started an “Email Invitees” email, clicked “No Response” and then clicked “Send Message”, that time it DID get sent to the (invisible) people who had not responded yet… Which was a little unfortunate since my subject and body just said “Test”, since I didn’t think it was going to work! : )

Gah! What’s going on? All of the names that were showing under No Response on the Event Details just a few minutes ago are now GONE!

It was this:

Now it shows this:

The only thing I did between then and now was:

  • on this event, went to Attendance-Record Attendance/RSVPs, then marked three leaders as Yes
  • (reactivate someone, marked attendance for her on a different event, then deactivated her again)

Where did all the people go? They’re all still there if I go to Attendance, Record Attendance/RSVPs!

Hi @schwammrs,

I’m sorry for your frustration. It’s understandable when technology doesn’t work the way it should. Just so you know I’ve gotten a previous complaint with the same issue. Our tech team is working on figuring out why this happens, and getting it fixed.

For now what I’ve found works is if you go into “Record Attendance”, for that event and just scroll all the way down and click “Save”, then it will let you email all the people who have not yet responded. As it does this though it takes them off the list of “No Response”.

I know this isn’t an ideal fix, but rest assured the tech team is working on this problem. Both of these problems are interconnected.

Let me know if you have any questions,

David Keener

Hi everyone,

Our amazing tech team has gotten this bug fixed, so now when you invite people to an event, and they haven’t RSVP’d yet you can email them!

You can do this by clicking on the event, “details”, then clicking “email attendees”. From there you can check the box of “no response”, and email anyone who hasn’t responded as going/ not going.


David Keener