Email Attendees not Working

When selecting an option I get the following error.

Hi @jwatarz,

When you’re RSVPing through TroopTrack if no-one has RSVP’d with the criteria that matches then the email can’t be sent.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

David Keener

This is the issue. Events that were created before the RSVP issue was fixed, will not work with teh email invitees function. No response should work.

Hi @watarzp655, @jwatarz ,

I was able to test this and verify that there is a bug with the RSVP’d individuals. I have gotten this over to our tech team and they’re working on a fix.

It looks like the bug is within the no response status. If you go to the record attendance page, then click save, then go back to the email invitees it will allow you to send to the no response invitees, but if you do not do that then it doesn’t allow a response.

David Keener