Service Hours Report

Really need a way to run a service hours report that would show summary total number of hours per person within a date range.


I’ve added this request to the existing request in our features queue.

So does that mean it’s in our future??? :slight_smile:

This request has come up a few times with a lot of support, so yes.

Are we any closer to getting the report described above?

Yes, this report was released a while ago, actually.

Plan > Participation Book, press the “Service Summary” button.


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Sully, it would have been nice to have headers on each column of this report so we know what we are looking at. I assume the far right column is the total hours worked?

That’s a bug. The headers were there but they appear to have taken the summer off for some reason. I’ll put in a ticket.

I don’t know how I missed this from years ago! I am so glad to know this feature exists!

Thank you, three years later!!

I’m not seeing the Service Hours in the column in the Participation Book Report. Or even when click on Service Summary. Does anyone see it? Or is this feature disabled or not working? Thanks.