Change the "Hours of service" field type

Currently when you input hours of service either for an event or just directly to a child’s account, the field is numeric and increases by the tenths place. My request is for this field to be changed to an input of minutes and hours.

Example: Entering 20 minutes would be easier to do by exact minutes rather than being a third of an hour; which can only be entered currently by 0.33 which technically wouldn’t add up to one hour if entered in as 3 separate 20 minutes.


This is a non issue. Report to nearest tenth hour,or half hour. It’s not precision engineering. How do you even count service time?
Time only counts when physically doing task? Must start and stop clock with any pauses in work?
Count time while at a facility? When you enter the door or when you get out of the vehicle?
Count time for commuting to or from service work?
Point being, exact to the second tracking is meaningless. The important thing is developing the mindset to help and serve our society. And if tracking is off by 1 min on youth group service so what.