Share Documents & Log In Troubles

@Keener-Trooptrack Is anyone else having trouble with TT and the Share Documents section? We have a couple of random leaders/parents who can no longer use certain features in the Share Documents. They can see the files, but they can’t download them anymore. The Action button is gone. I can’t find a common thread among them as to a permission setting. One has full permissions across the board, the other has leader permissions. Our year is just starting, so we don’t know if there are more parents out there with these same issues in our troop or not.

Then I have one youth, we set up an account for her, she went in and changed her password at first log in. Then it wouldn’t let her log in again. So we reset her password and now the only thing it will say is Password is not valid when she tries to log in a 2nd time.



Could you send me an email with their ( just one or two that are having this problem) names. That way I can take a look at their account?

In that email can you include her name as well and the email she is using with TroopTrack?


David Keener