Sharing Photo Album

Is there a way to get a link to an entire Photo Album that you don’t have to have credentials to view? I would like to be able to put a link to say “Philmont Photos” on our public website.

Hi @kwhelan,

Currently this is not a feature. Many people have very strict rules about the security of their Troop’s information and don’t want there to be a way to accidentally share private information (even photos).

You can certainly change this topic to the “Ideas” category and give us a few more ideas about how you’d like it to work and maintain the information integrity many desire. If it gets enough community support, our developers may consider it.


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I agree, this is a great way to promote Scouting!
For security, you can make all albums private and allow users to decide if albums are suitable for the public?

Have there been any further internal discussions on this topic?