Photo URLs are public

Hello -
In doing a few searches, I found stated that photo URLs being able to be loaded without authentication is working as expected.

This is problematic as a ‘default’ state and I would love to have the option to make photo URLs private to authenticated users only.

Without this feature, we’ll likely not user TT Photo Albums, which is a shame. We’d love to!

Thanks for the consideration.


While technically they would be viewable to the public someone would have to have the URL, this is extremely unlikely that the URL would be discovered outside of your organization, as long as no one posts the URL or sends it out you really would be safe.

I agree 100% with the unlikeliness of URLs being discovered.
The issue is that a link can be shared and circulated by a member of the site and we don’t have a way to clamp that down. That URL may contain images of other Youth, who’s parents may not be ok with the photo being available.

As a feature request I’d love to have you consider the option to make all photo URLs require login, just like the albums.

Thanks for the consideration !

I would be interested to see if other Community Members share your concern, if you change your post to an Idea we can see if it gains Community support and then it can be taken to the TT Admins for consideration.

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