Shooting sports badge

I am confused by the way shooting sports appears in tt for the pipa. How do I know when they have really finished the badge? Why does rifle and shotgun appear separately on the achievements list? I need to know if they have really completed the badge work. Thanks for your help, Tara Kibler

This one was very difficult to set up in TroopTrack just right. Pipa can earn the badge by completing one of the three sections. This was taken straight from the AHG handbook, “Pioneers and Patriots may earn the BB gun and C02 Pellet Rifles, Rifle, or Shotgun section to earn the Badge. Note that the Rifle and Shotgun sections have pre-requisites from the BB gun section.”

If your girl picks one of the sections and completes all the requirements of that section, the badge will be complete.

Does this help?

Thank you for your response. It was very helpful.