Site format has changed

This is what I am seeing. I am not sure if it is a software bug or an issue on my end. Any help appreciated.

I literally just had the same issue this morning, the problem is not the site but rather something being blocked on your end. Did you recently setup any parental controls or filtering. I forgot to exempt my device from filtering on my network and that is exactly how the site shows up, something is being blocked.

It is also possible the site SSL certificate expired before it was renewed, I just checked and it was renewed recently.

I am seeing the same thing.

@KathyScott1, Were you able to get anywhere with your connection to the TT website?

Thank you for asking! I just checked and it is back to normal. I hadn’t changed any parental controls or made changes to filtering. But I no longer have an issue so good news! Thank you for reaching out to help.

Glad its working, yea Dave had to do some changes, for some reason some content filter services were blocking one of the sites they use.