Site format is not correct

Open the site today for the first time in a while the format is incorrect. Looking more line bunch of document than a web site.

Also, the links to documents in the emails send by Trooptrack are returning errors. sent an invalid response.


I see the same issue…

I literally just had the same issue this morning, the problem is not the site but rather something being blocked on your end. Did you recently setup any parental controls or filtering. I forgot to exempt my device from filtering on my network and that is exactly how the site shows up, something is being blocked.

It is also possible the site SSL certificate was not renewed before it expired. I see the certificate was just renewed recently.

It is something with an SSL cert.

I see a new wildcard cert was acquired on the top domain level and refreshed my cache but the content still errors out on loading securely loading subdomain content over https…

I am seeing the same thing.

This is not a global issue, I am now able to load the site with no issues after a change to my home parental controls filtering. The site is loading normally at work as well. This seems to be specific to individuals. You would need to look into the error in your browser to figure out why the certificate is not loading. I have tried in Safari and Chrome on Mac as well as Chrome and Edge on Windows and have no issues loading the site.

@MikeBoehmer, @DavidBrewitz, were you able to get anywhere with your connection to the TT website?

Yes it’s working now.

Not sure what happened. Site started working correctly on Chrome. Then started working correctly on Edge. Don’t think I changed anything but we’re good now.

There have been web filter products that were blocking some of the TT domains used to host files for the website, either those filter products have allowed them or TT changed the domains they were using.